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An all in one IT solution tailored to your business…

One of the biggest pain points we identified for our clients is the endless range of IT products and services that are available. While we all love choice, having too many options can be just as frustrating as not enough.

Hundreds of different services, different products, different bills, different support teams, different integration, different web portals, the list is endless! If this is all too familiar then this might just be the IT solution for your business! Our bespoke packages give your users everything they need to effectively and efficiently perform IT based tasks.

One solution
One strategy
One point of contact
One bill
Control and flexibility
Running a business can be exciting, fun, expensive, stressful, and time-consuming in equal measure. For the best chance of success, you need to concentrate on what you’re passionate about and outsource the rest to someone else – at a reasonable price.

We understand the hard work that goes into starting and growing a business and that’s why we’ve created Symphoni – a complete IT solution for your business.

Tom Johnson
Managing Director

The package is built just for you!

First, we get to know each other...

Our Symphoni package is designed with the individual user in mind, we need to know the roles your staff fulfil within your business so we can develop tailored user profiles just for you.

Then, lets get you set up with the right hardware and software

Laptops, PCs, Mobile devices and tariffs, what works best for your business? Do your staff often work remotely? Which applications are vital to critical business operations? Are there new or better solutions that will improve the efficiency of your processes? Whatever your needs we will help you figure out the best hardware and software set up for your business.

User support & monitoring will provide peace of mind

Now we have your User Profiles and Hardware figured out we need to make sure they stay secure and operational. Add, remove or change your user profiles as your work force increases, decreases or roles evolve in response to changes in your market, all while we ensure your systems are up to date, minimising the risk of a cyber attack as a result of a weak link in your system.

Microsoft Office 365

Mobile Device Management


Mobile Devices & Tariffs

Our Cloud based backup service will keep your systems secure

Your business will be ready for anything with our best, tried and tested backup and antivirus solutions. Minimise downtime and make sure your staff know exactly what to expect and what to do in the event of a disaster.

Lastly, we get your communication channels up & running

We will take care of your telecommunications with reliable VoIP lines and appropriate hardware. Whether you need 50 or 200 phone lines, we got you covered!

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Antivirus Protection

Hosted VoIP

VoIP Hardware

Need IT infrastructure support as well?

No problem take a look at the additional infrastrcture services we can add-on to your package...


Structured Cabling

Firewall, Router, Switches & Wi-fi


Door Entry

Video conferencing / modern meetings

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