Has your business outgrown your IT resources?

Outsourcing an IT Director is like having expertise on tap. Switch it on or off as your business needs require. So when you’re growing your business and need top-level IT, or if your IT needs change over time, our IT Director will ensure that your technology continues to drive business forward.

Key Features

Affordable C-level IT expertise

Plan your future IT requirements

Reduce costs

Streamline IT operations

IT problem-solving

How it works

One of the first things we do is familiarise ourselves with your industry and get to know your business inside, out – including its challenges and where you see yourself headed in the future.

Next, we come up with the solution. We offer independent advice on the best way forward for you. This is based on our own experience at all levels of business - from sales to C-suite. Our mixture of IT know-how and C-level expertise means that we’re expertly placed to direct your IT function.

IT expertise at your fingertips

Flexible IT Management

Access your own, outsourced IT Director when you want, how you want to. We have the solution for short-term projects, perhaps to support a particular business goal or longer-term tasks. Say, for instance, you need an IT Director to evaluate your entire IT estate and future-proof your business.

Technical know-how

IT is our whole world. So the IT Director you’ll get comes with a wealth of technological expertise as well as business smarts – and all this is backed by a specialist support team too.


We’re an innovative team at 5i, and our experts get excited by the latest technology and innovations hitting the sector. This filters through to our clients – so you get the benefit of the most trusted new technologies while staying one step ahead of competitors.


For smaller budgets, hiring a full-time IT Director makes no sense. When you use an outsourced IT Director, you have no HR hassle, no recruitment costs and no ongoing salary to pay. It’s simply affordable expertise at a snip.

Free 'IT Strategy Guide: Your Roadmap To Success'

IT is the driving force behind your business, yet it is under more pressure than ever. An IT strategy future-proofs your IT infrastructure by establishing an effective IT landscape that synchronises with your business. Find out more in our downloadable guide.

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What our clients say

Get Solutions

Andy Kelly

GET Solutions

“We first approached 5i Business when our existing contract for IT infrastructure was coming to an end. We have gone from an unsupported system that we were trying to manage ourselves to a fully managed implementation. Now, 5i Business is saving us 24% a month compared to our previous contract. And we can focus on the job without being distracted by IT problems (which before were grinding us to a halt). It's a better service for less money, plus I feel confident our IT is now being managed correctly, which is important for us as we grow.”
Virtual Office Solutions

Susan Cumming

Virtual Office Solutions

“We operate an inbound call answering service and approached 5i Business about their cloud phone system. It has enabled us to take more control of our systems while still having technical support available if we're unsure of anything. 5i Business has made a real effort to understand us and how available technologies will help us win more business and deliver an outstanding service to our customers. 5i Business now acts as our technical consultants for all things IT, and we’re even starting to work with them to help our own customers.”