Letting us manage your IT makes perfect sense.

Why would you pay for IT management? It’s simple. It is one of the most cost- and time-consuming tasks a business can take on. There are numerous benefits to letting our technicians take on the task of managing your IT, not least for the cost efficiencies it brings. Take, for instance, a slimmed down in-house team.

Costs are not the only efficiencies you’ll make. For instance, we will also advise you how to use technology to simplify business processes and drive growth. While we keep your hardware, data and internet working at an optimum, you’ll be able to turn your attention to other pressing priorities demanded by your business.

Key Features

Traditional, cloud and hybrid IT structures supported

24/7/365 support

More effective use of your IT

Managed firewalls

Reduced costs

IT Management

Managing your IT requires constant upskilling of staff and re-imagining of processes to match fast-changing business requirements. In addition, many businesses over-invest in IT teams for fear of falling short in an emergency - so good money is being wasted on IT specialists who are only useful when called into action.
Whether you hand over care of your entire IT infrastructure or look after parts of it, such as hardware alone, our experts are at your disposal. We will immerse ourselves in your business and act as a true IT partner. And we keep an eye on the latest innovations in order to integrate them seamlessly into your business - allowing you to keep pace with the competition.

· Specialist support
· IT Security
· Maximise network performance
· Increased uptime
· Issues fixed - fast

A virtual IT department, on demand

IT as a managed service is a cost-effective way to maintain your IT and provide solutions if something goes wrong. It’s the service of choice for small businesses.

Flexible package of support

We offer a range of IT management services to suit your budget

Boost your IT capabilities

Our experts will ensure that your IT is the right fit for your business and take action if it isn’t, offering maximum functionality


The latest technologies offer us an overview of your IT so we can identify problems and take quick action

Support your IT team

We can spring into action as soon as you need us, acting as a support to swamped IT teams or for specific projects

Free 'IT Strategy Guide: Your Roadmap To Success'

IT is the driving force behind your business, yet it is under more pressure than ever. An IT strategy future-proofs your IT infrastructure by establishing an effective IT landscape that synchronises with your business. Find out more in our downloadable guide.

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What our clients say

Get Solutions

Andy Kelly

GET Solutions

“We first approached 5i Business when our existing contract for IT infrastructure was coming to an end. We have gone from an unsupported system that we were trying to manage ourselves to a fully managed implementation. Now, 5i Business is saving us 24% a month compared to our previous contract. And we can focus on the job without being distracted by IT problems (which before were grinding us to a halt). It's a better service for less money, plus I feel confident our IT is now being managed correctly, which is important for us as we grow.”
Virtual Office Solutions

Susan Cumming

Virtual Office Solutions

“We operate an inbound call answering service and approached 5i Business about their cloud phone system. It has enabled us to take more control of our systems while still having technical support available if we're unsure of anything. 5i Business has made a real effort to understand us and how available technologies will help us win more business and deliver an outstanding service to our customers. 5i Business now acts as our technical consultants for all things IT, and we’re even starting to work with them to help our own customers.”