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Top 5 Benefits Of Remote Working For Employers.

Remote Working is too often described as an ‘employee perk’ – a reward for good behaviour. If you consistently show up on time and do your work, then you’re considered trustworthy and get to work remotely. Maybe. But, probably not. Business owners need to shake off this mentality because remote working also benefits you, the […]

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When Is The Right Time To Move IT To A Managed Service Model?

In a time of greater demands and shrinking budgets, businesses of all sizes must embrace new concepts and approaches for delivering IT services. Establishing a partnership with an MSP offers instantaneous flexibility and cost-efficiency but when is the right time to move to a managed IT service model?

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How IT Empowers The Modern Workplace

This blog will take you through the effect technology has had on the modern workplace and what tech a business should look to implement if it wants to use IT to empower employees to get more done, with less effort. Sounds great, right?

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[Infographic] Introductory 1 hour IT Strategy Session

At 5i Business we want to help your business get the most out of its IT infrastructure. Whether you’re a new start up with only a few members of staff or a large Organisation with multiple sites and hundreds of staff, we can help you develop an IT strategy that future-proofs your IT systems and makes it easier to reach your business goals. 

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