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With the growing influence of IT technology, the modern workplace is unrecognisable from even 10 years ago. Business models, markets and entire organisations are being transformed.

The companies that begin thinking strategically about digital transformation will be best placed to capitalise on the opportunities it presents.

Remote Working

So, what is a modern workplace? Well, it’s a fluid, casual environment, where employees at all levels prioritise work-life balance. Increasingly, the modern employee isn’t tied down to a physical location and teams enjoy more freedom than previous generations – 50% of the UK workforce will be working remotely by 2020.  

How IT Empowers The Modern Workplace - Women using laptop in coffee shop

That’s because employees’ expectations have changed. They are skilled with advanced technology, so they now expect to work in a more flexible way.

Fact: Providing employees with a digital, flexible workplace results in higher productivity.

They work at home, visit clients and work on-the-go. From this employers have found that the old, rigid style of thinking and hands-on management reduced efficiency and couldn’t meet new age challenges, like employees collaborating effectively over long distances. There was a fear unwatched employees would reduce productivity, but in fact the opposite is true.

Productivity and morale increases exponentially, as people have more work-life balance. In fact, numerous surveys have found that most workers would choose flexible working over a pay rise.

Mobile Working

To enable remote working, employees need hardware that they can take with them. They need to be able to contribute at any time, on whatever device they have.

Collaboration via ‘any device’, therefore, is one of the biggest shifts we’ve seen thanks to the influx of technology and mobile devices have become an instrumental part of modern work life. Many employees now cannot do their jobs without them.


How IT Empowers The Modern Workplace


However, the ever-increasing array of devices – including laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearables – creates a new set of challenges. Every connected device needs to be secure to prevent unauthorised access to your network.

Don’t let that scare you away, though, as not using modern tools can prevent your business from getting ahead. Yes, the freedom of today’s mobile devices requires an extra level of IT security, but this risk can be mitigated by using a Mobile Device Management service.

Collaboration Culture

To deal with evolving business needs, distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment, businesses must maintain a responsive, modern, collaborative workplace. There’s a whole host of collaboration tools on the market, and this is part of the problem – which one should you be using?

Staff might prefer to communicate through Slack, while clients may prefer giving feedback and suggestions through Gmail or Trello. Communication through multiple channels likely means extra delays and details lost in translation — all making collaboration inefficient.

But, when everyone gets on the same page using one application, it makes collaboration tools the effective, business driving technology we know it can be.

Fact: Providing employees with modern tools and flexibility results in higher engagement and productivity.

We went through this decision ourselves when we set out to find a partner. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is still the gold standard. Plus Office 365’s lets teams share, edit documents and collaborate in real time.

There’s nothing more frustrating for team’s working hard on a project, only to find out they’ve been working on an old copy of a file that has now changed. Microsoft 365 gets rid of multiple versions of a document; instead teams work on the same document in real time from anywhere in the world.

The main advantage of collaboration apps is that they centralise communications and reduce the inefficient, time-consuming portions of projects work.

HD Video / Audio Conferencing

Every business likes to think of itself as agile and forward-thinking, yet too many fall short of the mobility required in today’s globalised market. HD Video / Audio Conferencing allows businesses to be fully mobile, raising productivity through a seamless communications service that sweeps aside geographical boundaries.

Fact: When employees feel enabled to do their best work, they are engaged and satisfied.

We recommend High Five. High Five is easily recognisable as one of the most universal communications software on the market, used globally by businesses for its world-class conference calling, instant messaging, and video and voice call capabilities.

Video / Audio conferencing is a crucial part of enabling a remote workforce as anyone can attend a meeting, from anywhere, on any device – keeping productivity at a premium.



Video conferencing software also gives users the option to share your screen with the rest of your meeting – perfect for those frustrating situations where it is easier to just show people exactly what you need.

Next Steps

Our goal is to help UK businesses create working environments where employees can enjoy flexible, secure, reliable platforms for exchanging ideas, having conversations, collaborating, and doing their best work.

And being able to seamlessly interact with your clients (and each other) using modern technology says a lot about your business. So, put on your professional face with simple, high-quality IT that makes collaborating as easy as can be.