IT services, applications and individual machines monitored 24/7.

Proactive IT support is essential for businesses - and that is exactly what our remote management service delivers. Your systems are kept up-to-date and monitored to prevent issues. Our technical team will provide continued maintenance and preventative support, stepping in quickly if problems are identified.

Our service takes pressure off in-house IT staff and has the added benefit of achieving cost savings. Because we handle everything remotely under one umbrella, you no longer need to hire separate engineers to take care of each aspect of your IT.

Key Features

System health updates

Automatic updates


Alerts and reporting system

Keeping systems secure and stable

Protect your business from system failure and unplanned downtime, lost data and security threats. Put simply, remote IT management keeps a watchful eye on your systems to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Everything from Servers and Workstations to Network and Mobile devices are covered for your peace of mind.

Range of Benefits

We work behind the scenes to keep your business going:

Limited disruption

Tasks can be scheduled to work outside of your business hours to reduce their impact on the running of your everyday business


Sometimes it’s in your best interests to have tasks scheduled automatically to keep systems working seamlessly. We’ll advise you of this on a case-by-case basis

Notification system

An escalating alert system so we know when your IT needs remedial action

Root cause analysis

Fixing problems is only one part of the story. We analyse what happened so we can prevent ongoing issues

Do You Monitor IT Downtime? (if not, you could be leaking profit)

When you consider a loss of sales revenue, dwindling productivity, customer dissatisfaction and potential employee overtime, downtime gets expensive fast. Lost revenues can easily run up into the five or six figures.

IT monitoring is a great example of where a small investment can have tremendous benefits.

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What our clients say

Get Solutions

Andy Kelly

GET Solutions

“We first approached 5i Business when our existing contract for IT infrastructure was coming to an end. We have gone from an unsupported system that we were trying to manage ourselves to a fully managed implementation. Now, 5i Business is saving us 24% a month compared to our previous contract. And we can focus on the job without being distracted by IT problems (which before were grinding us to a halt). It's a better service for less money, plus I feel confident our IT is now being managed correctly, which is important for us as we grow.”
Virtual Office Solutions

Susan Cumming

Virtual Office Solutions

“We operate an inbound call answering service and approached 5i Business about their cloud phone system. It has enabled us to take more control of our systems while still having technical support available if we're unsure of anything. 5i Business has made a real effort to understand us and how available technologies will help us win more business and deliver an outstanding service to our customers. 5i Business now acts as our technical consultants for all things IT, and we’re even starting to work with them to help our own customers.”