Discover the Microsoft Azure services provided by 5i Business.

Azure brings the building, testing, deployment and management of applications and services into one dynamic platform.

Application development and testing, archiving, analytics, digital marketing, digital storage, disaster recovery, e-commerce, mainframe migration and server-less computing are just a few of over 600 services Azure can offer your business.

Key Features

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Range of benefits

Optimising your usage

The Cloud is only useful if it’s effectively managed. We help you maximise usage of Microsoft Azure in a variety of ways depending on your business requirements.

We ensure you are never overwhelmed with Azure and offer support with everything from initial cloud migration through to application assistance. Whatever your needs, from commercially-sensitive financial control to critical business billing you can rely on our experts to optimise your usage of the Azure environment.

Range of Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits that Microsoft Azure can deliver:

Interactive, personalised service provision

With security and compliance for sensitive data

Transformation of your customer experience

Both on-premises and cloud-based solutions

Delivery of personal, seamless, and tailored experiences

Utilising data-based customer insights

Building secure solutions

Helping improve and protect your customers’ experience

Systems modernisation, for example with connected devices and sensors

Actionable insights and the ability to respond to customer feedback and market trends

Do You Monitor IT Downtime? (if not, you could be leaking profit)

When you consider a loss of sales revenue, dwindling productivity, customer dissatisfaction and potential employee overtime, downtime gets expensive fast. Lost revenues can easily run up into the five or six figures.

IT monitoring is a great example of where a small investment can have tremendous benefits.

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Andy Kelly

GET Solutions

“We first approached 5i Business when our existing contract for IT infrastructure was coming to an end. We have gone from an unsupported system that we were trying to manage ourselves to a fully managed implementation. Now, 5i Business is saving us 24% a month compared to our previous contract. And we can focus on the job without being distracted by IT problems (which before were grinding us to a halt). It's a better service for less money, plus I feel confident our IT is now being managed correctly, which is important for us as we grow.”
Virtual Office Solutions

Susan Cumming

Virtual Office Solutions

“We operate an inbound call answering service and approached 5i Business about their cloud phone system. It has enabled us to take more control of our systems while still having technical support available if we're unsure of anything. 5i Business has made a real effort to understand us and how available technologies will help us win more business and deliver an outstanding service to our customers. 5i Business now acts as our technical consultants for all things IT, and we’re even starting to work with them to help our own customers.”