Full protection for your data from every angle.

Data loss, theft, file corruption and compliancy pose serious risks to your business. Choose DRaaS from us and you no longer have to worry about it. We reduce the risk with highly secure and legally compliant data storage, risk assessment and recovery in case of an emergency.

Choose from a range of flexible options that work on any operating system - including secure, scalable cloud storage and pay-as-you-use pricing.

Key Features

Specialist support and flexible pricing

Real time data recovery

Minimise disruption

Data protection compliancy (GDPR)

Restore your files, fast

Today, your data is your business. And it’s our business to back up your data, protect it and recover it should the worst happen. To do this, we use secure, cloud-based data recovery that takes take live snapshots of your systems so you can instantly recover the services and files you use.
If something does happen to your data, a specialist support team is on hand to bring it back within your control and minimise disruption to your business.

· Secure cloud-based storage
· Data management
· Specialist support at your fingertips
· Instant data recovery

Affordable, flexible data recovery

The benefits delivered by our Disaster Recovery service include:

Reduce IT costs

With our flexible DR services, you can choose to move some or all of your data to the cloud, ready to recover it safely when you need to. This dramatically cuts the cost of your on-premise IT infrastructure and the resources used to maintain it.

Disaster recovery testing

Head off issues before they affect your business. We carry out regular risk assessments, security auditing and DR testing to ensure your data remains safe and accessible – and meets your legal obligations.

Integrate DRaaS with your business security strategy

Our DR service easily integrates with your current security and enhances the day-to-day data protection measures you have in place. At the same time, it ticks all the boxes for legally compliant data storage.

Minimise disruption

Best-in-class technology ensures business continuity with user-friendly, sequenced data recovery and specialist backup available if you need it.

How the right IT can help businesses punch above their weight

Being a small business doesn’t mean working small – technology is now levelling the playing field. Not only can businesses use IT to appear bigger to new clients, they can use it to deliver on bigger projects.

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What our clients say

Get Solutions

Andy Kelly

GET Solutions

“We first approached 5i Business when our existing contract for IT infrastructure was coming to an end. We have gone from an unsupported system that we were trying to manage ourselves to a fully managed implementation. Now, 5i Business is saving us 24% a month compared to our previous contract. And we can focus on the job without being distracted by IT problems (which before were grinding us to a halt). It's a better service for less money, plus I feel confident our IT is now being managed correctly, which is important for us as we grow.”
Virtual Office Solutions

Susan Cumming

Virtual Office Solutions

“We operate an inbound call answering service and approached 5i Business about their cloud phone system. It has enabled us to take more control of our systems while still having technical support available if we're unsure of anything. 5i Business has made a real effort to understand us and how available technologies will help us win more business and deliver an outstanding service to our customers. 5i Business now acts as our technical consultants for all things IT, and we’re even starting to work with them to help our own customers.”