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Powerful, affordable IT for businesses

We offer access to state-of-the-art phone systems, computers, servers and internet as a managed service. That means you don’t have to tie up working capital buying equipment.

Increasing cash flow and boosting productivity for businesses

If you have reached a stage of growth where you need to outsource your IT management we offer IT tools, security and flexibility to scale your service, manage staff and improve processes.

Increasing IT control and agility for businesses

If your systems cannot cope with scale we can support you by managing and upgrading your IT and telecoms in a structured way.

At 5i Business we deliver Managed IT services based on 3 key elements

We make IT easy

We have developed our IT solutions to offer you technology and processes that work together seamlessley with one simple, hassle free monthly bill. Everything is easy to manage, and you feel like you have a trusted IT adviser working as an extension of your team.

We make IT affordable

We have the latest Cloud based applications for storage, recovery and remote working. Cloud solutions offer any sized business a chance to increase cash flow and boost productivtity.

We make IT work for you

Our IT services have been developed to allow seamless integration so you can mix and match safe in the knowledge our products and services will compliment each other and increase producitivty for your business regardless of size.

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